Hi, Im goef

Do you want the blue pill or the red pill

Do you want to know me formally? Take the blue pill.

blue Pill

Do you want to see where my wonderland is? Take the red pill

Red pill is still in the making

Hi! That's me Geoffrey Westbroek.

I'm a young front end developer from the Netherlands!

My projects:

Skate 4 you

For my thesis I made Skate 4 You which is a game to help beginning skateboarders learn how to skateboard!

FedEx Metro

For my school project we had FedEx as our product owner. We made a concept and prototype for FedEx metro. Which was an idea to use the Metro system of Rotterdam to ship packages.


For my Minor in UI & UX Design me and my team got an assignment to make a VR experience for SyncVR. Our mission was to create a VR experience for the elder or people who were getting an operation.